Cognitive Psychophysiology Lab        

  Class trip to Dr. Victor Zelek's lab at the Northeast Center for Special Care  

Learning about using EEG (electroencephalography)

as a biofeedback treatment for Traumatic Brain injury



Heidi Choi getting the EEG cap put on:
Dr. Zelek applying conductive gel to each of the sensors:




Group Photo (Dr. Zelek, Phillip, Elena, Colin, Rebecca, Jade, Heidi, Olga):



Example of EEG recorded from an individual (not in our class)

who admitted to being under the influence of marijauana at the

time (note the substantially reduced EEG activity):

Same individual recorded above on another occassion when

he was "clean" (EEG files from Dr. Zelek's laboratory):


Special  Thanks to Dr. Zelek and the Northeast Center for Special Care: