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Human Rights Complaint

Thank you for visiting this page. You may know that I have been denied tenure at Bard. I know it is uncommon to stand for tenure twice. That is, twice at the same institution. I believe I deserved tenure in 2010 on the basis of merit, and that I deserved it all the more when I stood for tenure again in 2013.

If you know me at all, you know that I am devoted to Bard, and that since first arriving at Bard in 2003, I have only wanted to call Bard my home. Many of my colleagues know my work (teaching, research, and service) to be exemplary.

As you can imagine, this process has been really difficult for me—wrenching in fact. I believe that I do deserve tenure, and I have been actively negotiating with the College to that end. Negotiations regarding my situation have proven unsuccessful thus far.

It makes me very sad to tell you that I have found it necessary to file a complaint with the State Division of Human Rights regarding my tenure. In my official complaint, I outline my concerns regarding aspects of the review process, and I reiterate my request to be granted tenure. I believe my reviews in both 2010 and 2013 were fundamentally flawed, both procedurally and substantively. Many relevant individuals were denied access to important information about my case. Other individuals may have been discouraged from introducing relevant information.

While my written complaint is technically a public document, I believe it is important that members of the Bard community who are interested in my case should have the freedom to review the information and develop an informed opinion. If you would like to read my complaint, please click on the first link below. The supporting documents that are mentioned in the complaint can be requested separately. If you request a copy of any of these documents, I ask you to please keep them to yourself and not share them with others.

I hope that after reading the document, you will have a fuller picture of events and that you will understand why I find it necessary to fight for tenure at Bard.

Complaint filed with the State Division of Human Rights regarding my tenure. (Request a copy)

Supporting Document Supporting Document--Exhibit A (Coming soon)

Supporting Document Supporting Document--Exhibit B (Coming soon)

Supporting Document Supporting Document--Exhibit C (Coming soon)


If you have comments...

If you have comments on these documents, please share them with me. I appreciate the opportunity to address and correct events related to my tenure reviews.


Luka's C.V. (PDF)